She likes long hair and fluttering shape since she is young

Headache is a very annoying problem. When it hurts, nothing can be done. Miss Liu, who was a working family, said that the problem was at least once a month from her maiden time, especially when she was menstruate.

, but her hair is naturally thick and thick, and if it is very dry after washing her hair, she will become like a lion’s head and not look good. It has been used for decades to keep hair moist after shampooing and to allow it to dry naturally. It’s no wonder that it’s a headache.

Long term recurrent headache, called “head wind” by Chinese medicine, must be dried after shampooing, otherwise it will be difficult to recover. It’s very important for all female friends to blow their hair dry.

Headache and no cure, light eating painkillers are ineffective

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